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Vegas Show Proposal at the SLS Hotel

Melissa had been planning my 40th Birthday party with 40 of our friends from San Diego to all go out to Las Vegas for a celebratory weekend. I knew months in advance that this was the perfect time to ask Melissa to marry me.

This proposal has been added on December 13, 2014

Cupcake Proposal

Kristi & Christian, November 29th 2013 Kristi loves sweets, and after coming off a strict diet I knew thats the first place she would want to go. I called Confections of a RockStar and set it up. I told them my idea and they ran with it! Christian

This proposal has been added on October 28, 2014

Surprise proposal

Rachel & Aaron Richardson, August 31st 2014 Surprise proposal to my beautiful girl friend of 4 years. She thinks we are having a birthday for us but it really is a engagement. It’s everything she wanted she told me 2 years ago how she wanted it to be done so here it is . Hope… [Read More]

This proposal has been added on September 15, 2014

Man Makes Himself Disappear for Marriage Proposal

Doug wanted to propose to AnhDao in an EPIC way. Since he has experience in magic, he took her to lunch where a mysterious photo booth was waiting. The operator called him over and once inside…

This proposal has been added on July 15, 2014

Show stopping theater proposal

My fiance John is a professional actor. He had me come from New York to Illinois to see his performance of Bert in 42nd st. It was a great show and at the end of the finale the producer had me come on stage…

This proposal has been added on June 23, 2014

Surprise Engagement in Belize

My boyfriend of 5 years almost stopped my heart with this surprise proposal. Short story: He (and everyone else) tricked me into thinking I was doing a favor for the resort we stay at (in Belize) by filling in for a model photo shoot, when the models cancelled last minute.

This proposal has been added on June 19, 2014

Hilarious Ellen Show Proposal!

We’ve been together a while now and I thought he was great too, so I said yes! My poor fiancé choked in front of hundreds of people during our proposal at The Ellen show. But, really how many guys has this happened too!? He had been carrying around that ring for weeks, unbeknownst to me, and just happened to ask the staff at the Ellen show if he could propose during the break…

This proposal has been added on April 30, 2014

I thought we were just making a fun video… but then he proposed!

I thought we were just making another music video to show our families over Thanksgiving. He is a filmmaker and I have acted in some of his short films, so the 4 cameras didn’t seem suspicious to me… until he got down on one knee.

This proposal has been added on January 6, 2014

Best Surprise Wedding Proposal

Kristen and I met in 2005, during our sophomore year of college at San Diego State University. We met at a fraternity/sorority function (Riki was in Phi Kappa Psi, Kristen in Gamma Phi Beta), and started to date soon after. We dated all through college…

This proposal has been added on October 10, 2013

Hypnotist helps with Surprise Proposal

Christine Kou and Darren Chow, 17th Aug 2013 During the Canadian National Exhibitation (CNE); Toronto’s largest annual fair over 100 years old I decided to surprise my girlfriend of 6 years with a marriage proposal. We attend the CNE every year and with the help of 3 other couples, 1 of which remained hidden and… [Read More]

This proposal has been added on August 23, 2013