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I thought we were just making a fun video… but then he proposed!

April Allbritton and Beecher Reuning, 23rd Nov 2013

I thought we were just making another music video to show our families over Thanksgiving. He is a filmmaker and I have acted in some of his short films, so the 4 cameras didn’t seem suspicious to me… until he got down on one knee.

My boyfriend and I set out to make a fun music video highlighting important moments in our relationship. Since we met in film school, making fun videos was something we already loved to do.

We went to several places on November 23 with plans to have a big finale at our church. My then boyfriend told me to walk through a standalone door in a film, which he said he would edit to make it look like I was walking into another world.

After a few run-throughs, he signaled to our friend that we were “going for a print” on this one (which I found out later meant he was proposing this time.)

This time, when I walked through the door, I saw my boyfriend down on one knee holding out a gorgeous ring. He asked me to marry him, and after asking if this was for real, I said YES! The best part is that it was caught from 4 different camera angles and we will have this video to cherish forever!