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Surprise Engagement in Belize

Anny Sayarath & Aaron Christopher Evans, 13th Jun 2014

I hope you guys like my video.

My boyfriend of 5 years almost stopped my heart with this surprise proposal.

I would rather let the video explain how he asked, it would be impossible for me to give it justice with text.
Short story: He (and everyone else) tricked me into thinking I was doing a favor for the resort we stay at (in Belize) by filling in for a model photo shoot, when the models cancelled last minute. It ended up being the surprise of my life! They got me really good.

I might be the luckiest girl ever to have so many people travel so far and plan such an elaborate day for me.

Warning: Video makes 86% of viewers cry :*)

Let me know what you think!

Anny Sayarath <3