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Hilarious Ellen Show Proposal!

Jamie and Tim, 17th Apr 2014

We’ve been together a while now and I thought he was great too, so I said yes!

My poor fiancé choked in front of hundreds of people during our proposal at The Ellen show. But, really how many guys has this happened too!? He had been carrying around that ring for weeks, unbeknownst to me, and just happened to ask the staff at the Ellen show if he could propose during the break, at our seats!! Well, wouldn’t ya know it…a half hour later, Ellen Degeneres called us down to the stage during a break. And even though he knew what was about to happen, I don’t think he had prepared to do it in front of a live audience. I found his proposal quite endearing since almost every day I am poking fun at him for his sometimes “cheesy” comments to me. In all honesty, I would’ve never remembered what he said anyway, if they hadn’t recorded it. It wasn’t until we returned to our seats when he told me he also forgot to tell me he loved me. So now after being viewed by nearly 320,000 people on YouTube, and who knows how many on The Ellen website, he tells me almost hourly how beautiful I am and how much he loves me, clearly feeling bad for his performance on Ellen. But for me, I am quite content with it and wouldn’t change it for the world and so I tell him…don’t worry about it, it was “great”!

Jamie Soricelli